Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best plumber in Edmonton isn’t easy with hundreds of professionals competing for your business. You should be careful when entrusting your home to a plumber in the area. Although there are many options to choose from, all plumbers in Edmonton are not the same. That’s why we – Plumbing Edmonton – prepared some important questions to ask when choosing the best plumbing service in Edmonton. We have answered the questions for your convenience.
General Plumbing Questions
What Can I Do About The Substance That Builds On My Shower Head?
The white substance that builds on your shower is mineral deposits. The best way to remove this substance is to pour a cup of vinegar into a plastic bag and cover the shower head with the bag and leave it overnight. Remove the bag the next day and use an old toothbrush to scrub the deposits.

My Toilet Fills Up Every Ten Minutes – What’s The Problem?
The flush valve in the toilet tank may not seal correctly and water might be leaking from the tank into the bowl. There could be many reasons for this problem such as a faulty flapper, a tangled lift chain or an issue with the flush valve itself.

I Don’t Get Hot Water From The Electric Water Heater

You may have to reset the high-temperature cut-off because it may have been tripped. If not, it could be a faulty thermostat or heating element.

I Don’t Get Enough Hot Water From My Electric Water Heater

Your temperature control may be set too low. If not, it might be a faulty thermostat or heating element.

My Gas Water Heater Doesn’t Give Hot Water

It can be due to a faulty gas valve or thermocouple. If not, the pilot light may be out.
The Water Pressure Of My Kitchen Sink Faucet Is Poor
Remove the faucet aerator located at the end of the spout and clean the screen. The aerator can clog after some time because it’s designed to diffuse the water to prevent splashing.

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?
It could be due to the anode rod in the water heater. The anode rod is the part that slowly corrodes away so that the tank will not corrode. You find the plug fitting screwed into the tank on top of the water heater. A solid metal rod of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc is suspended from this fitting. These rods are also known as sacrificial anodes since they sacrifice themselves to protect the steel tank from rusting. When the anode is rusty and no longer could protect the tank, the steel tank will begin to rust. The anode rods can be changed to aluminum in case of certain chemicals in the water supply causing undesirable odors. Depending on your water condition, you need to check the anode rods of the system every 2 to 4 years to guarantee the longevity of the tank and your peace of mind.

What Is The Cause Of Rattling Pipes?
This happens when the water lines are not properly secured. This can be fixed if your water lines are easily accessible. It happens when the water lines come into contact with the wood of the floor joists in one or more places. You should get plastic or copper pipe hangers to secure the water lines to the wooden joists.

Plumbing Maintenance Questions

The Importance Of Plumbing Preventive Maintenance Agreements

A plumbing preventive maintenance agreement will give you peace of mind knowing the plumbing system is operating reliably and efficiently. Our comprehensive inspections will help identify potential plumbing issues before they can grow into costly emergencies. We will help you to save money by identifying and repairing minor plumbing problems before they become big issues.

Tankless Water Heater Questions

At What Temperature Should You Set The Tankless Water Heater?
The trained professionals at Edmonton Plumbers will set the right temperature for your tankless water heater based on your wants and needs.

Will I Get Instant Hot Water From A Tankless Water Heater?
When used with a recirculation system, a tankless water heater can give instant and endless hot water to fulfill your needs.

Where To Install The Tankless Water Heater?
Our high-quality tankless water heaters are compact. You can install them just about anywhere in your home. The traditional tank-type water heater is about 5-feet tall while the tankless version is less than a third of it.

Is DIY Tankless Water Heater Installation Effective?
No, improper installation may void the warranty of the system. DIY installation isn’t the best when it comes to installing a tankless water heater. It can have potentially harmful effects on your family and home.
Water Condition Questions
What Is Hard Water?
Hard water is a common issue in most homes. Hard water comes with dissolved hardness minerals above 1 GPG. The most common hardness minerals include magnesium, calcium, and manganese.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Hard Water?
Hard water isn’t a concern for many uses. You can put out fires, water the lawn or wash mud off the streets using hard water. But hard water isn’t the best when it comes to bathing, shaving, drinking, washing your car, dishwashing, and washing clothes. Soft water is the best for these tasks. You will only use half as much soap when cleaning with soft water. Hard water and soap form soap scum – which is difficult to rinse off. It forms bathtub rings on bathroom surfaces and dries leaning unsightly spots on the dishes. Soap scum will remain on your skin even after rinsing. It will clog the pores of your skin and coat the hair on the body. It will serve as a home for bacteria and cause diaper rashes, skin irritation, and itchy skin. When you heat hard water the hardness minerals will re-crystallize to form hardness scale. This scale will clog the pipe system and water heater in your home thereby causing premature failure that can result in repair or replacement.

The Water In My Water Conditioner Feels Slimy

When hardness minerals are removed from the water, soap doesn’t form soap scum or bathing rings on the skin. You will be truly clean now. The sticky slimy feeling is your natural body oil without the soap scum. The feeling of being squeaky clean is a myth – which is caused due to soap scum on your skin. Soap scum is a great place for bacteria to hide and grow thereby causing various skin conditions.

Can It Get Treated Water With Any Softener Or Do I Need A Special System?
Water quality varies from town to town. It even varies from well to well in the same city or neighborhood. That’s why you need to test the water in your home before investing in a water treatment system for your home. We have a wide variety of water conditioning systems and filters to suit your individual needs. Each system will treat different water problems. We have proven systems to make it easier for you to choose the best system that matches your specific water quality needs.

Can Bacteria Grow In My Present Water System?
Yes, sulfur and iron bacteria can enter the plumbing system from a well. The bacteria will grow and multiply within the system once they enter. Red and slimy stains in the plumbing system and unwanted odors are a result of this bacteria.

What Can I Do To Protect My Loved Ones From Arsenic And Lead In Groundwater?
Regional testing has revealed groundwater contaminants of different kinds. Even municipal water supplies carry contaminants due to accidental contamination and treatment failures. A point-of-use water treatment system is your solution to this problem. You should remember that not all systems will remove the same contaminants.