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Experienced and Licensed Plumbers in Edmonton, Alberta

Do you need to get your routine plumbing maintenance scheduled? Do you have a pesky leak that you just can’t seem to stop? Do you have emergency plumbing repairs that need to be taken care of? No matter what you need, your local Plumbing Edmonton plumbers are here to help ensure the job is done right. We are a locally operated and owned plumbing company and take great pride in providing first-rate plumbing services to all of our customers in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Spruce rove, Fort Saskatchewan, and Acheson.

Not every Edmonton Plumber is the same. When you call Plumbing Edmonton, we will treat your home as if it were our own. We will use mats, wear protective shoe covers, and keep the work area totally clean. We go the extra mile to ensure that you have excellent customer service experience from us!

To get your water heater service set up.

Plumbing Edmonton – 24 Hour Emergency Plumber

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Do you regret paying a handyman to repair the leak underneath your sink? Did your plumbing DIY project end up not being such a great idea after all? Give Plumbing Edmonton a call today at (587) 404-3495 for an immediate and trustworthy solution to your plumbing problem.

Hiring the wrong HVAC or plumbing contractor (or attempting to solve the problem on your own) can turn into a huge nightmare very easily! Suddenly there is water pouring in from everywhere and you have a very expensive mess that needs to be cleaned up.

Whether you would like to prevent future issues or have us solve a problem that was caused by a previous contractor, Plumbing Edmonton is here to help. We have licensed master plumbers and licensed HVAC technicians on staff to ensure that each job is done according to code, properly, and safely.

plumbing edmonton 24 hours services
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24 Hour Emergency Drain Cleaning Services in Edmonton, AB

plumbing service edmonton

For all of your draining cleaning and residential plumbing needs, call Plumbing Edmonton.  We are a drain service and emergency plumbing specialist that is here to help whenever you need us. Our Edmonton plumbers will identify what the plumbing problem is and work hard to build trust with you by guiding you through the issues. Subsequently, Plumbing Edmonton will discuss your plumbing problem with you and inform you of the costs that are associated with it before we start on any work so that you can make the best decision for your family.

Our highly effective drain cleaning services remove all kinds of clogs. Whether the water in the shower is rising slowly all the way up to your ankles, or your toilet is not flushing correctly, or your kitchen sink is beginning to smell like leftover food and fill up, we will respond and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Plumbing Edmonton is among the most trustworthy plumbing contractors in Alberta and is always prepared with the precise drain cleaning solutions that are needed by your property. We ensure that we address your emergency drain cleaning requirements effectively and quickly while minimizing any inconvenience and getting the job done right the first time. 

We Know Plumbing Since That is All We Do

Water Heater Services, Repairs, and Installations in Edmonton, Alberta

Plumbing Edmonton provides professional hot water heater services so you can enjoy hot water all year long. From removing old water heaters to installing new ones, we will make sure you get the most from your hot water heater.

You can always rely on outstanding service from us, whether you need to have a water heater repaired or installed. From electric to gas units to modern tankless systems and conventional tanks, we have you covered.

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Call Plumbing Edmonton Now!

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All of our plumbers work hard to install new fixtures, solve plumbing emergencies, and restore the balance in your house with comprehensive inspections and maintenance. After inspections are completed and the job is done our plumbers will completely clean up the area and offer useful information to help you avoid future problems and maintain your system.

Do you have problems with your drains? No worries! Our Edmonton plumbers are experts in drain cleaning and clogged drains for your sewer drains, floor drains, and main drains. Our drain cleaning methods are all pipe and environmentally friendly. We will restore your plumbing system’s long-term health. We never use any harmful draining cleaning procedures or solutions that could damage your drains. Our work always focuses on respecting your home and you while providing you with minimum disturbance and maximum results.

24/7 Emergency Water Heater Repairs for Homeowners in Edmonton

Don’t panic if your hot water heater happens to leak. Rely on our professionals to get it repaired quickly. We offer convenient and reliable 24/7 emergency repairs for HVAC problems, whether it is a regular heating system or your water heater.


Kitchen Drain Maintenance

Most of the time, kitchen clogs are caused by either grease or food chunks. If you pour grease or oil down your drain while it’s still warm, it can harden in your pipes. It will wind up blocking up your drains and merging with the other debris that goes down the drain. Your drains will start to run more slowly, and over time, they could become completely blocked up. If you rinse off your oily dishes with cold water, it could become solid before it goes down your pipes, leaving you with messy sink. In some cases, vegetable peels, like cucumber and potato peels, could wind up clogging up your garbage disposal. The best way to take care of this type of clog is to disconnect the drain line from your garbage disposal so that you can remove your peels with your hands.

Bathroom Drain Maintenance

You should begin with the toilet. Everyone knows the more frequent reason for a toilet blockage: it’s a giant mass of toilet paper. Typically, you can address this problem by grabbing your plunger and giving it a couple of pushes. However, you might not know what to do if something else is flushed by your drains. You could run into issues if you don’t have a drain snake on hand. After all, you can’t count on a plunger dislodge toys, food, and any other oddities that someone might flush down the drain.

When it comes to bathtubs and bathroom sinks, hair and soap scum are the source of more clogs. If you want to deal with these kinds of clogs, the smartest thing you can do is keep hair from going down the drain at all. Ideally, you’ll want to place some sort of filter or screen over your drain. That way, you’ll be able to keep hair — and hairballs — out of your pipes. Dealing with soap scum can be slightly more challenging. Your best bet is to install a water softener. That way, the soap in your sink will dissolve properly. It can take care of aftertaste your water has as well.

Leaks are a common problem. What’s important is that you deal with them quickly when you encounter them. If you ignore a leak, it’s going to cost you a lot. You won’t just use more water; it can damage the building materials around the leak as well. In many cases, clients don’t call us until after the damage is severe. Because of this, we often find that we need to do more than simply repair a minor leak. We often must replace the wood around the site of the link, including cabinet bases and fascia boards.

We Fix Leaks of All Types

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a leaky toilet, a leaky faucet, or an issue with your washer. You can trust our leak repair professionals to provide the repairs that you need. We always use the highest quality replacement parts. When we address your leak, it won’t just be patched. It’ll be fixed for good. We work quickly; repairs will typically take less than an hour. You’ll be able to recoup the money you spend in no time.

Hidden Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks are always frustrating, but hidden leaks are especially difficult to deal with. A hidden leak could be in a site you can’t easily check, such as in your appliances or behind the walls in your home. As an example, it’s not always easy to spot a toilet flush valve leak. Thankfully, we can check to see if your toilet is leaking with a basic dye test.

We use leak detection equipment that’s non-invasive so that our technicians can spot leaks that are under your floorboards or walls. We have infrared sensors that as well as cutting-edge sonic and helium gas leak detectors, which means we can easily spot leaks without drilling holes or taking other invasive steps. Whether there’s a leak beneath soil or under a concrete slab, we’ll be able to spot it!

Why Choose Plumbing Edmonton?

We are not just an ordinary Edmonton-based Plumber. Our entire team works hard to be the very best plumbers in Edmonton. Not every plumber in Edmonton is able to meet the same standards that we do.

We do not offer fast temporary fixes. We instead go above and beyond to make sure your entire plumbing system is working efficiently and smoothly. Get the kind of service and quality that your home and you deserve.

Our Edmonton Plumbing and Drain experts are insured and specially trained. Only a fully insured Edmonton plumber will cover your home and you in the event your property is damaged. If you hire an uninsured plumber instead, then you could end up having to spend thousands of dollars to fix the damages. When an Edmonton plumber is licensed that ensures he has gone through all of the necessary training and has the knowledge to provide high-quality professional plumbing services. Unlicensed plumbers might not have the right training or be knowledgeable about Albert building regulations and codes. No license basically means no guarantee. Having a simple “fix” done by an unlicensed Edmonton plumber might end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair expenses in the future. 

Entrust your home to Plumbing Edmonton experts. We not only provide you with the finest plumbing services but also guarantee our workmanship and parts. We want to make sure that our customers are provided with the very best experience possible. Services provided by Plumbing Edmonton are reliable, prompt, and guaranteed to work with all of your residential drain requirements flawlessly.

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